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My name is Steve Croner and I thank you for popping by. As a licensed Realtor for 21 Years, there is one question everyone still wants to know. What's their next step...disguised as a question to me as "How's the market"?

I've come to realize Real Estate comes down to 3 simple questions that you can easily get answers to if you dig deep enough.

You'll always be thinking, should I...

1. Buy now?

2. Sell now?

3. Refinance?

But there's a 4th Question they should be asking and that is...

4. Should I start Start an Online Business?

Having an online business is crucial in today's digital age as it provides global reach, scalability, and the flexibility to connect with a diverse audience, fostering growth and adaptability in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Plus it will just help to pay your dam bills every month :)

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I've collaborated with Steve for several years across various transactions, and his upfront and honest approach to navigating any real estate market and any online business has consistently been valued and appreciated.

A. Cuccione

Steve's business insights were spot-on. He advised against selling our house and, instead, suggested diving into the realm of online entrepreneurship. He walked us through the process step by step, and it proved to be a game-changer. Thanks to our successful online side hustle, we were able to generate extra income, ultimately facilitating our move into a more spacious home that better suited our needs.

D. Clearwater

I was hesitant about selling and especially refinancing because I knew didn't want to borrow more money. I knew I needed to make more money per month and I needed a plan. Steve suggested revitalizing my previous business with an outstanding online strategy so I could scale quicker, and that's precisely what I did—Business has never been better and I didn't have to sell my house to get it done.

M. Morrison

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